About Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly is known as one of the worlds leading experts in produce and supply chain. He travels the world discussing all things supply chain. Patrick is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and strategist in the produce/supply chain industry. Patrick has trained and trained with leaders internationally on over 4 continents. Patrick and his wife Renae founded PAKS SNACKS, LLC. in 2018 where he serves as the Vice President. Prior to this, Patrick had successfully owned and operated a produce brokerage, freight brokerage, and worked for a fortunate 200 company driving produce consumption throughout the globe! Patrick spent most of his life in California while moving to Tampa, FL in 2019 to teach at the community College level while promoting his new book Millennial Boom with Co-Author Hans Finzel. 

For more than 18 years Patrick has been dedicated to growing supply chains for produce partners around the world becoming the Class of 2015’s, Young and Smart Leaders on the rise, Top 40 under 40 and A Young Entrepreneur making better deals for growers. He has dedicated his work to learning and leading all generations to work and thrive together.



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