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    This Week on Fresh From The Field Fridays! Join Dan the Produce Man […]

  • Introducing The Assembly of European...

    Hold onto your headphones and let the rhythm of curiosity guide you […]

  • The Boston Tea Party: From Protest to Revolution...

    The stage is set. Britain's East India Company dispatches four laden […]

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  • Patrick Kelly & Hans Finzel w/ Guest Geoff...

    In this episode Patrick Kelly and Hans Finzel chat with Geoff […]

  • Captain Will Smith, Aviation Pilot, Author, &...

    In this episode we talk with Captain Will Smith who is the owner of […]

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    This is the final segment to Sesaon 1 called Can you hear me Now? Top […]

What is the Millennial Boom? It might just be the sound of warfare across the two largest generations in America today. Boomers number 76M but Millennials are maxing out at 82M! Is it possible to reduce the friction and respect each other? This intro episode gives you everything you need to know about the Millennial Boom Podcast and why this message is so urgent! Join the Boom! The Millennial Boom!


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